Pacific Asset Management – Sustainable Multi-Asset: Q3 Investment Outlook

The global heatwave is pushing up demand for energy and the price of food making central banks’ jobs even harder. We sit here in the UK in temperatures that are set to reach 40 degrees, the hottest on record. It is of course not just the UK suffering from extremes of heat. Europe is in the midst of a wildfire season that looks set to have not only started earlier than the 2008-2020 average, but also be far larger (some estimates up to 170% greater) in terms of the amount of land razed.

Pacific Asset Management – Longevity & Social Change: Summertime and the living ain’t easy

As we pass the halfway mark of 2022, global equities are down 12% in GBP, with Q2 offering no respite. Market volatility remains elevated with ongoing geopolitical concerns, central banks hiking interest rates, inflation printing new highs and weakness in the economy weighing on sentiment. Globally, analysts have been putting through more downgrades than upgrade revisions, however actual earnings estimates in the US and Europe have yet to be revised lower. Looking ahead, there is hope that commodity prices have started to retrace, equity valuations have dropped sharply (albeit not at recession type multiples) and Bullish Sentiment ( is at a 30+ year low, with many anticipating a weak Q2 reporting season.

Pacific Asset Management – Citywire

Pacific Asset Management has launched a Pacific North of South EM Equity income Opportunities Fund, a high yielding concentrated portfolio, managed by Matthew Linsey, Kamil Dimmish and Robert Holmes.

Urban Logistics – Investors’ Chronicle: Strategies to Beat Inflation

History suggests real assets hold up well against inflation, but there are lots of contextual factors to consider.

Inflation’s ‘team transitory’ is a shrinking breed. Ever since huge stimulus packages were announced in 2020, and the effects of supply chain issues became clear, central bank inflation predictions have consistently undershot reality – and that was before Russia’s war on Ukraine and all it entails.